Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 83: Vanilla Bake Shop

Vanilla Bake Shop is one of those places that just gets it right.  Swanky decor, cute little mini cupcakes, and friendly service.  I first came to Vanilla after buying a Groupon deal for mini cupcakes, although I have been eating them at parties for a while now -- they're pretty hard to resist.  Today I went in to pick up a dozen mini cupcakes to bring to Cynthia's house for dinner.  Beckett did the choosing, and picked a nice lineup of dark chocolate, red velvet, lemon raspberry, and banana chocolate chip.  A dozen mini cupcakes cost 20.00, which is pretty reasonable.  While we were there a young woman came in to test potential cakes for her wedding.  I would totally smear red velvet cake on my groom's face.  Or maybe they could  build a 7-tier extravaganza made of dozens of mini's...yum.

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