Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 77: the Landmark

Well, I wrote in my last post that we in Los Angeles are landmark challenged, but we do have the Landmark!  The Landmark theater on Pico Blvd. in the Westside Pavillion mall is a sate of the art renovated theater with 12 screens.  I remember when the Westside Pavillion was home to an arthouse theater, the Goldwyn Pavillion which I could never drag my husband to because the seats were small and uncomfortable.  They moved the theater to the west side of the mall, across the street, and ramped it way up.  The new complex is posh, has a wine bar, a restaurant, a box office and a concession stand that offers a more interesting array than just popcorn and raisinettes.  The theaters have assigned seating, which you can either book online, or at the box office.  What really sets them apart is that they show not only first run movies, but they also show indies, and from time to time they will also show classics.  The big bummer of the Landmark theater for me is the parking.  The parking starts on at street level, and then you get sucked down a vortex to lower and lower levels, just to get to the bottom most level, where you will hopefully find a spot.  If not, after investing all that time, the feeling is claustrophobic, and murderous.

Today I went to the 10:15 a.m. show of Cedar Rapids with Carmen and Sonny.  The movie was a blast, and I scored maybe the best parking spot in the entire parking structure, on the first level, mere steps from the escalator.  My day was already made.  I was playing hookey, scored a killer parking spot, and the movie was hilarious.  Poor Carmen got a call from school and had to leave halfway through the movie to bring her son Zach home with a virus.  Sonny and I stayed to the end and laughed ourselves silly.  Oh, and it turns out my husband loves the new seats.  I just found this out too -- might have to investigate

21+ Shows at The Landmark!
Click Here to Visit the Wine BarEnjoy your favorite wine or beer in
the auditorium at select screenings.
Look for our special 21+ Shows at
The Landmark. Admission limited to guests 21 years old and above. I.D.
and wristband required.

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