Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 73: OK

OK is one of my favorite shops in Los Angeles is on West Third Street, East of La Cienega, in that great pocket of shops and restaurants.  Right next to Flight OO1 (another cool shop), OK has modern tchotchkes - everything from jewelry, coffee table books, Japanese paper lamps, vintage rotary-dial phones, and silverware, to funky glassware and art.  They sell gorgeous mounted butterflies in lovely frames.  I've been coming here once every year or so to add to the silverware set that I bought from the owner, Larry Schaffer.  Larry is a groovy guy, and once you get him started he will chat for hours.  I really liked the simple vintage 50's looking inspired stainless steel silverware that I bought here.  Every time I hear the sound of one of my spoons being mangled in the garbage disposal (by me) I cringe.  I know I will be making another trip back to replenish my silverware, and have a look around. I covet the jewelry, artwork, and especially the glass vases that are so gorgeous.  I once bought Mark a Robert Indiana "Love" paperweight that he does love.  Hit this place for Valentine's Day and put a big smile on your valentine's face.

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