Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 78: Mudo

If you don't have boys, you might not have any idea what MUDO is.  My son has picked up interest in various martial arts and "hitting" sports - namely karate and boxing.  Recently we got turned on to this really cool martial art Mudo studio, that is conveniently located half a mile from home.  Mudo is "a comprehensive martial arts system integrating the use of striking, joint manipulations, throwing and grappling.  Central in its practice is the development of the self, as defined through the philosophical perspectives of Taoism, Confucianism, and Zen Buddhism."  Beckett's friends have taken this up, and now Beckett is going once a week and loving it.  His instructor, Mr. E is a cool, laid-back guy who is cordial and sweet, and seems much less interested in teaching agression than he is in teaching coordination, discipline and the art of an ancient practice.  All I know is we got away from the cult of California Karate Club, which I believe has gone out of business.  They were pushy, demanding both boys come twice a week to two separate sessions, expensive, and the sensei's wife, who ran the business, was a prying, petty woman with a penchance for spewing tmi to anyone within spitting range.   Mudo is much more our speed.  Afterward the kids can grab a slice of pizza at the Slice, and I can grab a gourmet salad at Thyme Cafe, so the evening is a perfect wrap.

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