Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 81: Best bathroom in town

Well I was in downtown L.A. today again, doing a few jewelry errands -- had to repair a gold necklace and pick up one or two strands of beads.  Of course I stopped into Bottega Louie before I left to get a meat pie (chicken pie, that is) and iced tea for the road, and I made a new discovery.  The nicest, cleanest bathroom in town!  What a rarity it was to behold this marble-floor sanctuary of cleanliness.  Never again will I have to use that skanky co-ed one seater bathroom in the jewelry mart on Hill Street, or the sketchy, eerily deserted one down the hall from Beth's office.  It is these seemingly ridiculously small moments that just make my day.  By the way I just googled "Botega Louie restroom" and I found hundreds of images, which I find a bit disturbing.

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