Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 72: end of the apartment hunt

Well after 48 hours of postage stamp kitchenettes, "like-new" five-year-old carpet, and cottage cheese ceilings, Alex and I walked into the Dream Apartment II.  The first one was in Santa Monica and way way out of the budget.  But this dream apartment was on a canal, facing the beach, light, bright sunny, good size, terrace, two (TWO) tandem parking spots, laundry, and....the owner said YES to the cat!  Alex slept on it and decided to take the apartment in Playa del Rey.  It's a 20 minute commute to our house, a 20 minute commute to work.  There is a cute Italian restaurant on the corner.  According to the property manager it is a real "bedroom community" and I believe it.  Her street is really quiet, safe, and charming.  Her application was approved.  I can't wait to hang with Al on her new terrace drinking a glass of pinot at sunset.

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